Having a supplement regimen is great! It makes it easy to remember to take supplements at the right times. It ensures we are getting the nutrients on a regular basis. However, this is not necessarily optimal for the body and can lead to pill fatigue. Though we understand that, given the complexity of nutrition, optimal is not a realistic goal. Supplementation is both an art and a science. We have done the research to provide the benefits of science when it comes to selecting the right forms of nutrients, the grouping of nutrients and balancing formulas. This information is readily available in blog posts and articles on the website. The art of supplementation then comes down to your willingness to go off program and develop an ability to sense where you are with respect to different supplements.

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Taking Supplements Everyday

It could be a good thing but it depends on the supplement. For example, the Zen Haus Iodine supplement was formulated for daily use to maintain certain levels of iodine for total body supplementation. Though users may still want to occasionally take a break and see how they feel. Sometimes levels can creep up on the higher side and so pulling back can be beneficial. Without symptoms of high iodine levels like intense detox symptoms or too much energy then you may not be aware of it until you make a change.

The ADK supplement can be taken anytime but we recommend taking it consistently to get the most benefit. A key feature is the directing of calcium to the bones which leaves soft tissues soft. This is an on-going process and so consistency is key. It could be everyday or every other day. It can be twice a week or even just once a week. In addition to consistency, it is important for this supplement to be taken with foods and with fats in particular.

The Immune and Respiratory Support supplement can be taken anytime but it is recommended to be used heavily and regularly when there is more of a threat of illness or during times of illness. Though there are great benefits to be had from getting Zinc and Magnesium on a daily basis especially for people with active lifestyles.

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Following Directions on Supplement Labels

We recommend you always consider label directions along with the daily values that come in each serving. This is more a matter of safety. Not exceeding the amounts indicated by the directions is a good first precaution. This applies to Zen Haus supplements. Not all instructions from other brands will be safe especially if followed on an on-going basis. Other brands often present high dose servings to create marketing opportunities for themselves. For example, one serving can be said to be four capsules and so it can be advertised that each serving has some large amount of a particular nutrient. This is often displayed on the front label, throughout product listing and marketing materials.

Zen Haus simplifies things with a ‘one pill equals one serving’ policy. Though, at your discretion, more pills or capsules can be taken in a given serving or at different times of the day. Be careful not to bring on pill fatigue.

Managing Pill Fatigue

There is less flexibility here with the Iodine Pills because they are coated in order to be absorbed deeper in the gut. We do not recommend breaking the pills and mixing it in food though this will not cause any harm. However, its sensible to break the pill in two for half doses. The ADK and Immune Support comes in capsules and so there is the option to empty the capsules into water, juices, smoothies, food or what have you. There is no bad taste and this is perfectly fine from a supplementation/nutrition standpoint.


Get into the habit of having the Iodine Pill in the morning. Try to have an ADK capsule during or after lunch. Try to have an Immune Support capsule in the evening up until about one hour before you sleep as this can help with getting a good rest. If three pills per day is too much then we recommend using the ADK and Immune Support capsules on alternate days.


Iodine Supplement Complex with Selenium (lugol's iodine, iodine pills, potassium iodide)
Zen Haus ADK D3/K2 Complex - Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, CoQ10, Manganese, Boron, Vitamin E, L-Leucine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Antioxidants - 100 Capsules
Immune Support and Respiratory Care

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