Why KI? –  Overview

Part I

Introduction & Parts of the Body That Use Iodine

A closer look at the different forms of iodine for supplementation. Overview of the four part article and the principles used to analyze and rank evidence.

Looks at various parts of the body that use Potassium Iodide (KI) and that are generally accepted as true.

Considers the preference for KI in old medical texts and gives brief introduction to Lugol’s form.

Part II

Iodide for The Mammary Glands

Discusses why the breasts need KI. Looks at clinical evidence from research on human subjects that compares KI and Lugol’s form for treating abnormal breast tissue.

Considers evidence from a short study done on rats and compares this to the evidence provided by human studies.

Connection between thyroid and breast health and how we should consider using KI to treat and help prevent breast cancer.

Part III

Iodide for The Prostate & Stomach Discusses why the stomach and prostate need KI.

Considers the argument for Molecular Iodine (I2) preference in the stomach which referenced the same short rat study discussed in Part II. Evaluates the argument and highlights its weaknesses.

Acknowledges that there is no argument for I2 preference in the prostate. Considers lessons learned from the Japanese diet as it relates to prostate cancer and what it means for the form of iodine preferred by the prostate.

Part IV

2 Correct Answers and Elemental Iodine Available in Different Forms

Discusses why both Lugol’s and KI tablets are effective.

Examines the amount of elemental iodine available in Lugol’s and KI tablets.

Considers how the body is known to absorb I2.

Address some responses to the KI position and provide an summary for the article.