Part I

Ionizing Radiation: Mechanisms and Biological Effects

What is Ionizing Radiation?

How does ionizing radiation alter the structure of atoms, kill healthy cells, corrupt DNA and cause cancer?

What is the role of cell division and cell repair in the creation of genetic diseases and cancer?


Part II

Radiation Dosage & Man-Made Sources of Ionizing Radiation

Discusses the contributing factors of radiation dosage which include tissue sensitivity, the radionuclides involved, and the concentration and duration of exposure.

Looks at the most common man-made sources of harmful radiation, the radionuclides involved, where they concentrate in the body, and the parts of the body most likely to get cancer as a result.


Part III

Ways To Reduce Radiation Health Risks

Discusses why iodine supplementation is helpful and why FDA-approved potassium iodide tablets are used as part of the emergency response for radiation exposure.

Considers other measures to reduce exposure to harmful radiation. This includes being selective with medical procedures that use radionuclides, avoiding cigarette smoke, advocating against nuclear war and nuclear weapons testing, and owning a Geiger counter.


Iodine Supplement Complex with Selenium (lugol's iodine, iodine pills, potassium iodide)