The ADK, Immune Support and Iodine Complex formulas each have their own unique list of ingredients. There are no overlapping ingredients across these products. Each formula serves different but related functions. Used together, much of the burden in repair and regenerative processes can be eased for improved performance throughout the body. All three formulas also serve as preventative measures for flu variants.

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The ADK Formula helps with cleaning cells and clearing out cellular waste. At a high level, we see ADK as maintaining general health while also supporting immune response with Vitamin D3. It is a holistic health prevention and longevity formula. Of course, the many nutrients included also provide specific benefits to various organs, bones and tissues.

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The Immune Support and Respiratory Care Formula more specifically supports immune functions. We incorporated organic herbs for respiratory support as well in order to reduce the risk of illness or injury from the many flu strains specific to our time. This formula can be used to quickly mount a strong immune defense to help fight off infection. As soon as you notice flu symptoms coming on, take regular doses once or twice per day. It can also be used as a defensive measure, say if you came into contact with someone who was ill, or working in a busy office environment or hospital.

The Iodine Complex antagonizes and kills viruses, bacteria and other pathogens. It can certainly help in prevention since iodine enters tissues all over the body. Like having a coat of armor for added protection. We recommend keeping tissues saturated with iodine irrespective of the virus variant. This naturally occurs given that we supply the body with what it wants. The evidence is clear that our body wants iodine and much more than what the RDIs indicate (see Low RDA for Iodine). Iodine also helps the body deal with infections that have already occurred.

We see the three formulas playing different roles while also working together to keep you safe and healthy in this environment full of virus threats.

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Here we briefly discuss how iodine is useful against viral threats and why it is particularly useful against the threat of the day. Flu strains or virus variants can neither resist nor adapt to iodine. Iodine is not concerned with ANY variant. We wondered why natural or alternative means of boosting the immune system was never recommended by health authorities. However, given that new virus threats continue to emerge due to variations, we now also wonder why iodine is not the go-to solution (or at least part of it) for prevention and treatment.

Here is an excerpt from our post about managing the flu threats in our time. The post is titled Coronavirus, The Immune System and Stress.

Dr David Derry, MD, PhD wrote about iodine being an effective tool against influenza viruses. In his article titled Iodine: the Forgotten Weapon Against Influenza Viruses he makes the point that iodine, especially when used in various forms, can kill influenza viruses. This includes the use of iodine in aerosols, cleaning agents, and oral preparations; iodine can also be incorporated into face masks. Iodine circulating in the blood is captured by numerous tissue sites and ends up in mucus secretions. These tissues include the salivary glands, nasal secretions, lungs and stomach. Tissues and mucus products containing iodine defend against invasion by bacteria and viruses. Respiratory and oral transmission are key pathways for viral infections. With enough supplementation, iodine can be ever-present and ready to defend in both the upper- and lower-respiratory systems as well as in the stomach.

The lungs secrete mucus with iodine in it and some researchers think volatile iodine mixes with air in the tiny air sacs to enter the bronchioles. If this is true, it would serve as another barrier to entry for invading air borne viruses (similar to aerosol iodine). Nebulizing with iodine may also be a good idea, especially if you are at risk of being exposed or already showing symptoms.

Stomach mucosa captures iodine from the blood and secretes it into stomach cavities. Free iodine in the stomach kills bacteria and viruses and it deactivates biological and chemical toxins. There is a complex integrated system for protecting humans from viral or bacterial invasions via oral, nasal, and gastrointestinal routes and iodine has an important role to play.

Iodine supports the immune system directly by suppressing autoimmunity and reinforcing the T cell adaptive immune system. Iodine kills flu viruses. It supports the immune system indirectly by providing the required energy and by helping to clear out toxins which reduces the burden on the immune system. As iodine is stored in tissues and mucous throughout the body it can serve as a shield for harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi. These microorganisms cannot adapt to iodine. Iodine may also be present in the air in our lungs and serve as another form of defense from viruses. Free iodine in the stomach kills harmful bacteria and viruses.

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These viruses cannot adapt to iodine. The key feature of the current narrative is protection from the COVID flu variants. We will always depend on additional strategies to defend ourselves against new variants. This is what allows for the same story or threat to be recycled and used over and over again. Get out of the fear and panic cycles by suiting up with iodine, leaning into preventative measures and having a prepared response to infection. These measures are great for your overall health and longevity anyways.


Zen Haus ADK D3/K2 Complex - Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin K2, CoQ10, Manganese, Boron, Vitamin E, L-Leucine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Antioxidants - 100 Capsules
Iodine Supplement Complex with Selenium (lugol's iodine, iodine pills, potassium iodide)
Immune Support and Respiratory Care


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