Iodine Pills and Nuclear Emergencies – Part 1

Iodine is absorbed mostly and most quickly by the thyroid. I-131 is a radioactive form of iodine that is usually present in nuclear emergencies. We want to avoid absorbing I-131 as much as possible by saturating our iodine-absorbing tissues with molecular iodine and/or some form of iodide. Taking a high dose (60-130 mg) of iodide will flood the thyroid with iodine causing the I-131 to pass by without being taken up.

Supplement Regimens and Pill Fatigue

Having a supplement regimen makes it easy to remember to take supplements at the right times. It ensures we are getting the nutrients on a regular basis. Supplementation is both an art and a science. We have done the research to provide the benefits of science when it comes to selecting the right forms of nutrients, the grouping of nutrients and balancing formulas.

Iodine and Flu Variants

Here we briefly discuss how iodine is useful against viral threats and why it is particularly useful against the threat of the day. Flu strains or virus variants can neither resist nor adapt to iodine. Iodine is not concerned with ANY variant. We wondered why natural or alternative means of boosting the immune system was never recommended by health authorities. New virus threats continue to emerge due to variations ...

Iodine and Metabolism

People across the country work hard with tremendous amounts of discipline to lose weight. Many are unable to realize a healthy body weight despite their best efforts. This can happen when you have an under-active thyroid gland (or hypothyroidism). Great efforts do not necessarily translate into high performance. It is worth considering that an under-active thyroid resulting from iodine deficiency is one of the causes of weight gain.

Low Iodine RDA Amounts

The current US Department of Agriculture (USDA) Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for iodine is 150 mcg for adolescents and adults. Why do so many in the iodine community, including health professionals, take 12.5 mg or more which is 87 times the USDA RDA? Iodine is an essential component of total body health. The Zen Haus Dual Form Iodine Supplement is labelled 'High Potency' because it provides 12.5 mg of elemental iodine.

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