The Zen Haus Immune Support Supplement

is now available on Amazon.


Shopify.  Available on Shopify

February 1st, 2021.


Amazon.  A full-service option. Very convenient for existing Amazon shoppers.


Prices include shipping.  Free expedited shipping on multi-unit Shopify orders.


Zinc Methionine, Quercetin


 Zinc is vital for sound immune function, viral defense, wound healing, DNA synthesis, protein production etc.

Quercetin improves Zinc uptake in the cell which can help prevent infections and relieve allergy symptoms..

Organic Botanical Herbs


Black Elderberry helps fight colds and tame inflammation.

Echinacea strengthens the immune system with the activation of key immune cells.

Olive Leaf Extract supports immune function and cardiovascular health.



Lysine is an essential amino acid and a building block of protein. It helps reduce stress and feelings of anxiety by reducing cortisol levels. Some use Lysine for relief from chest pains and migraines.

Magnesium Glycinate


Magnesium supports the immune system and reduces inflammation while providing a calming effect by promoting serotonin production.

Magnesium Glycinate is well-absorbed in the body with no laxative effects.s. 

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