We are pleased to announce that our popular ADK product is back!


Thank you for your patience and understanding. COVID times, growing pains, and new Amazon restrictions have posed several challenges for us to grow this quality product line. However, we are always adapting and pleased to now have 3 excellent products available that perfectly complement each other.


If you support our vision for quality nutrients which makes supplementation simple for sensible users then consider leaving product reviews and spreading the word. This is what helps us the most in competing with large corporate brands. On the education front we compete with enormous amounts of information and disinformation about nutrition. Promote a holistic health philosophy and take pride in supporting this great effort. Internalizing ‘food as medicine’ while encouraging others to become more aware of their physical health by monitoring and taking action is nothing short of revolutionary. At least, it’s a good first step. Engage in discussions, share posts and keep learning together.

Look out for future posts that present our brand philosophy, vision and story. We are starting to offer affiliate marketing opportunities. Having an organic network of conscious folks presenting our products and ideas may be effective in overcoming the corporate influence in the health space.

What’s new?

The ADK formula serves many functions however can be thought of as a multivitamin for maintaining health, prevention of injuries/ailments and longevity. With Vitamin D at the heart of the formula it is great for supporting the immune system. Seniors will get the most benefit from this formula. The balance of nutrients has now been refined. After careful consideration, which includes new environmental factors such as the COVID flu, we have replaced some ingredients and added some others. As a result the capsules are slightly larger now. Let’s go over these changes.



Vitamin A. Remains unchanged at 1000 iu per capsule.

Vitamin E. Remains unchanged at 5 mg per capsule.


Vitamin D3. Now 50% more. Provides 3000 iu compared to 2000 iu before. This makes for a stronger immune boosting formula.

Vitamin K2. Reduced by 50% to offset added costs of other ingredients. We felt that the previous amount was generous to begin with. To accommodate a more comprehensive formula we have brought K2 down to an amount that is enough to balance the A-D-K component.

Alpha Lipoic Acid. Now 150% more. Providing 5 mg compared to 2 mg before. APA recycles/refreshes all network antioxidants and has been shown to boost Glutathione levels by 30%. Taking Lipoic Acid effectively increases your levels of Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Glutathione, and CoQ10.

New Ingredients

CoQ10. 5 mg per capsule. CoQ10 regenerates Vitamin E. Vitamin K2 and Vitamin D work with CoQ10 to keep your blood vessel linings healthy. This is incredibly important for heart health. It is also helpful for cognition, inflammation and regulating blood sugar levels.

Manganese. 500 mcg per capsule. Manganese supports bone mineral density and collagen production. It has strong antioxidant properties and can reduce inflammation. Manganese helps your body utilize a number of vitamins, including vitamins C and E. It can also help improve reproductive function, the immune system, lung and respiratory health, and metabolism.

Boron. 100 mcg per capsule.  Boron has many health benefits including strengthening bones and teeth, reducing the effects of arthritis and osteoporosis, improving magnesium absorption, balancing hormone levels and improving cognition.


Astaxanthin. Though we think Astaxanthin is a great complement to the formula and a nice-to-have feature. However we decide to make room for other ingredients that are better suited to the complex and the current environment while keep the price down.

Vitamin C. We strongly recommend taking additional Vitamin C. However, since Vitamin C is affordable and widely available we did not see the value in including it here. The newly added Alpha Lipoic Acid will help regenerate Vitamin C directly and also indirectly by also regenerating Glutathione which in turns regenerates Vitamin C.


We are very excited about this new ADK formula and what it will do for our customers. Thank you for the continued support and feedback. The world needs more leadership on the ground level. Let’s be the change we want to see.


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